Tumble Forms Feeder Seat and Full Support Outdoor Swing

by Dawn Klepinger

My son, Hunter, loves to move. Whether it’s sitting in his Tumble Forms Feeder Seat and wiggling around, or swinging inside or outside in his swings, he loves motion! If your child is a mover and shaker like mine, these two products might be of interest to you.

Tumble Forms Feeder Seat

img_3609-copyThe Tumble Forms Feeder Seat is perfect for Hunter. It provides enough support for him to sit upright and be comfortable. He has decent head and truck control but cannot sit upright on his own. The Feeder Seat has a high enough back that he can rest his head on it. It also has a tilt feature on the base (or floor sitter wedge) that allows you to put him at different angles. The floor sitter wedge is attached to the seat with a large piece of Velcro and is easy to adjust.

The Feeder Seat also has an abductor block between the legs to keep him properly seated. It has a separate lap belt and “H” harness that goes over the shoulders and attaches across the chest (4-point harness). You can also get a mobile base with wheels for it, but we do not have that. The Feeder Seat has a plastic skin over it that is waterproof and easy to clean. We wipe ours down with baby wipes once a week. Tumble Forms also provides a 1-year warranty for their Feeder Seats and have replaced the seat for us when our son kicked a hole in the plastic. It was super easy to exchange and they were very responsive.

There are two things about the Feeder Seat that we just love. The comfort that it provides our son is number one. He kicks and moves a LOT and this seat is soft and comfortable and keeps him safe from bruises and cuts. The second thing we love is it is very light. If we go to a friend’s house, we grab the feeder seat and take it with us. Hunter does not like being in his wheelchair for long periods, so when we get to our destination we can put him in the Feeder Seat and he is comfortable for much longer. This chair has been perfect for him around the house. We even took it to the beach so he could sit under the umbrella!

Full Support Outdoor Swing

One of Hunters favorite things to do is swing. He could swing for hours.We have an indoor platform swing that we put an inflated tube on that he can sit inside. We only stay indoors if it’s way too hot or cold outside though.


He would MUCH rather be outside in his Full Support Outdoor Swing by TFH. The best part about this swing is that it is lightweight and inexpensive. Like the Feeder Seat, it provides perfect seating support for Hunter. He’s had this type of swing since he was about two years old and we are now using the teenage size because he is growing so fast!


The first frame we got for the swing was a lightweight single swing frame.


Now we have a wooden basic swing set and he swings in the middle. We have two regular swings on either side if his friends or his cousins want to come over and play.


The swing is made of blue plastic and has a 4-point harness. It is adjustable for growth. I sometimes use pool noodles to put in the sides of it to give him a bit more hip support. Hunter could be having a horrible day but the moment I put him in this swing he is calm and happy. He enjoys the movement and being outside.

Author: Dawn Klepinger • Date: 1/25/2012

About the Author

Dawn is from Georgia and is a stay-at-home mother to Hunter, who has daily seizures but is undiagnosed. His global developmental delays and excessive uncontrolled movements require her to be creative in finding ways to make him comfortable, find appropriate equipment, and adapt it so it is safe for him.

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