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You will not find a complete listing of children’s Medicaid waivers anywhere on the internet, which makes it really difficult to know what programs your child may be eligible for. Families who are new to the world of complex medical issues, who are moving, and who are struggling need an accurate source to obtain this information. In some states, it is challenging to even find out about Medicaid waivers, and specialized programs may not even be mentioned on state government websites. Sites like may provide information on certain types of waivers, but they don’t include state-based programs or Katie Beckett/TEFRA waivers.


After many, many requests for a comprehensive list over the years, we hope to finally create a resource that will be complete and informative. It is quite a challenging project that took about a year to complete from start to finish. You can see the project at its own website,

Our first phase was to make a complete list of all Medicaid waivers that accept children 18 and under. We fully anticipate that some of the information in this list will be wrong or incomplete. The information has been gleaned exclusively from the federal Medicaid site (for 1915(c) and 1115 waivers) and state government pages (TEFRA and state programs). We have already found many inconsistencies between federal and state pages, and we may have missed some state-based programs as well.

We are depending on our readers to help us correct wrong information and fill in incomplete information. The families participating in the programs in each state are the best people to provide information about each program, and we hope to harness their knowledge for other families. We are finding it especially difficult to determine which states and programs waive parent income, and your knowledge can help us considerably. You can contact us at, or through the contact form at Kids’ Waivers to provide us with missing information or fix incorrect data.

This project was completed in three phases:
Phase I – Creation of website and full list of children’s Medicaid waiver programs
Phase II – State pages for each state describing Medicaid waiver programs
Phase III – Advocacy information helping to preserve these programs and linking families

All phases have been completed and you may visit our comprehensive list using the link below.

Thank you for helping us make this project a reality!

Proceed to to view the list.

Author: Susan Agrawal • Date: 3/24/2014; updated 4/28/2016

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