This section of our website contains articles from our archives related to caregiving for a child with complex medical needs or a disability. They are organized into 6 separate subpages as follows.

Taking care of a child with complex medical conditions is really hard. Parents and guardians may struggle with acceptance and need both support and coping strategies. This section of our website is dedicated to the physical and emotional needs of caregivers, and provides hundreds of articles to help you through this journey.

Parents and guardians experience a wide range of emotions when caring for a child with complex medical issues. Read about other parents’ emotions as they have navigated this life, from happiness to jealousy and sadness.

Getting organized and prepared to tackle any challenge is half the battle. This section includes articles on everything from organizing supplies and emergency kits to preparing for hospital stays.

Caring for a child with medical needs or medical technology in the home can be daunting. This section includes articles on getting services for the home, providing medical care to your child, and making your home accessible and safe for your child.

Kids need to have fun! This section of the website is designed to provide you with information that will help you get out into the community and traveling around the world.

We all need a place to share our thoughts. These articles are the collected perspective pieces of parents and guardians of children with complex medical issues. They include blog-style pieces, articles by children and young adults with complex medical conditions or disabilities, and editorial-style articles.